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Cattle Ranches for Sale in Texas

There is currently 13.1 million head of cattle on Texas ranches — the most in the nation, and up roughly 2% from 2020. Cattle comprise upward of 70% of all Texas livestock, but many ranchers are diversifying by adding elk, emus, bison and sheep to their inventory.

The amount of acreage required per head of cattle varies wildly depending on who you are asking but, for traditional grazing (not rotational), 2 acres per head is a good rule-of-thumb. Of course, we’re talking specifically about grass-producing pastureland and not general acreage. If you own a 20-acre ranch but only 5 acres are grazable land, you will have to purchase feed for your livestock. Factor this in when searching for cattle ranches in Texas.

TexasLand has been in the cattle ranch business for many years and can answer any and all questions you may have regarding cattle ranches for sale in Texas.

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